Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Boogidy boogidy boo.

My jobs seem to be taking up all my time directly and in directly so updating stuff, is next to impossible. I won't pretend to myself that I can continually update this blog on a regular basis so it's my intention to treat this as a place for thoughts that don't belong anywhere else. On that note, onto the current generation of games and game consoles:

I'd like to think that I have an unbiased opinion in regards to the companies and systems I root for, as I'm now a developer myself and play all of them to some degree (PC gaming not withstanding). However I can't deny to myself that I keep a particularly keen eye on nintendo over the others. This is possibly due the fact that the game boy was the first system I ever personally owned and it's the one that led me into the current soon to be replaced generations.

The games will ultimately tell, which system succeeds. The WiiU desperately needs a game that uses it's tablet controller fully in order to get the interest. I also predict a lot of back peddling on xboxs part on the way to launch. If not they will have a terrible time on release.

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