Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Boogidy boogidy boo.

My jobs seem to be taking up all my time directly and in directly so updating stuff, is next to impossible. I won't pretend to myself that I can continually update this blog on a regular basis so it's my intention to treat this as a place for thoughts that don't belong anywhere else. On that note, onto the current generation of games and game consoles:

I'd like to think that I have an unbiased opinion in regards to the companies and systems I root for, as I'm now a developer myself and play all of them to some degree (PC gaming not withstanding). However I can't deny to myself that I keep a particularly keen eye on nintendo over the others. This is possibly due the fact that the game boy was the first system I ever personally owned and it's the one that led me into the current soon to be replaced generations.

The games will ultimately tell, which system succeeds. The WiiU desperately needs a game that uses it's tablet controller fully in order to get the interest. I also predict a lot of back peddling on xboxs part on the way to launch. If not they will have a terrible time on release.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Work,Work, Work

Just a little update on what's been going on, I and a few other guys are starting up a small games and interactive media company in Cardiff and we've already did quite a bit of work on an in house title with a contract on the horizon. Will try to update the blog with some examples of the sort of work I'm doing over the next little while. I've somehow become the flash programmer of the company and I intend to try and learn a few of the other higher end languages like C++ in my own time so that not only can I act as the programmer for this company but I can also be fairly autonomous in the future. I've sort of taken to GIMP recently as a free alternative to photoshop. As I had previously heard that it was a good way to go. There are some teething problems, The program seems to have a lot of the abilities of Photoshop, the only issue is finding them or changing settings. I've included some of the artwork that has been developed already.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy January

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