Wednesday, 15 June 2011

So, I'm considering making my own games...

Something I found while I was doing my course in creative games design was that I actually started playing games much less while I was doing the course. I don 't really know why, I guess it's partly because doing written projects and having played and created the games in class meant that whenever I got back home I wanted to do something other than play games.
After I graduated this was certainly true. The game I had so wanted to take off suddenly became a massive chore, I wasn't fun to make any more and it's sat incomplete ever since despite having gotten a lot of interest on the crysis forums in the beginning.

Now three years later I've completed my Illustration course and I crave the satisfaction of getting something working in an engine, and then refining it to make it look good. The satisfaction I had when I first got a character into the game, successfully boned it to an in game character model, made a rudimentary teleporter was amazing and I need it again I think.

This certainly wouldn't be unwelcome for either of my portfolios and if I could make it successful enough it could be considered 'experience in the industry'.

I have a few ideas for games already written down in word doc format on my laptop. It includes ideas that would need a lot of backing but also includes a few simpler games that could be created in a short amount of time by one person if necessary. The problem I have now is knowing which one to start with and where to start. I could try making a game entirely on an engine like unreal or cryengine. I could start by making something on a more free to use engine like unity. Or I could try programming for Apples app store, which has it's own advantages.

No matter what I choose to do it would be quite a large undertaking and requires much planning even at this stage. It wouldn't do to pick an engine then find that it doesn't actually include what I need it to.

Perhaps I should start off with something that's more a test of concept. Something that wouldn't need to be completed but could turn into something much larger.

Will keep you posted...

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